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Coskun Uysal is an experienced chef in Australia's Turkish restaurant scene. He owns Tulum restaurant in Melbourne and recently wrote a cookbook, sharing the secret recipes of his success.

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“Susamam” (Can’t stay silent), by rapper Şanışer featuring 18 rappers decrying social injustice and environmental issues is a rap rhapsody that became an internet sensation overnight around the world.

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A critical report of the social injustice and war-prone global politics, Ezhel's latest single became an internet sensation overnight, reaching over a million fans within the first 24 hours.

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Friday Night

Highly playlisted and charted worldwide, DJ Burak Yeter’s latest single ‘Friday Night’ topped the charts in Italy.

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Madonnas letzter Traum

2019 Goethe Medal awardee Doğan Akhanlı portrays a refugee history of an obsessive tragic love. The story is set in Germany, Poland and Turkey during the Nazi period, with traces searched for decades.

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In his latest album, Turkish-German artist Serdar Somuncu sings a mixture of soul ballads, danceable pop, trap and rock, demonstrating his musical exploration of love.

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Ya Hero Ya Mero

The debut studio album by Turkish-German rapper Mero scored three top singles. 'Baller los', 'Hobby Hobby' and 'Wolke 10' all reached number one in Germany and Austria.

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Geliyorum Yanına

The latest single by Turkish-Belgian pop star Hadise is "Geliyorum Yanına", an upbeat number perfect for partying on hot summer nights.

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Rollt bei mir!

Turkish-German comedian, model and athlete Tan Caglar shares the highlights of his awe-inspiring success in various fields, partaking in all as a wheelchair user.

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Rapper Eypio sings the emotional theme song of the Naim Suleymanoğlu biopic. The lyrics resonate the struggles of the legendary Turkish-Bulgarian world and Olympics champion weightlifter.

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Opening the Black Box

Having served in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Iraq as a Turkish military adviser, Al-Monitor's columnist Metin Gurcan studies the change in the Turkish Military before and after the failed military uprising on July 15, 2016.

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Linç - Makam Odası

Fashion designer Barbaros Sansal reveals how his social media post snowballed into a lynch attempt and how he survived the 56 days of imprisonment in Silivri in his recent book titled “Linç - Makam Odasi”

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Das Haus aus Stein

The German translation of Asli Erdogan's 2009 novel 'Tas Bina ve Digerleri' is entitled "Das Haus aus Stein". Her poetic dark language studies captivity, torture and loss of all security.

Musical Reflections of the Art of Banksy

Composed for “The Art of Banksy” exhibition, this is a multi-faceted fusion of Jazz, Funk, Deephouse, Electronic and Turkish Music, interpreted by vocalists and rappers who span the musical genres.


Translated into English and German, 'Dawn' (Seher) is an unforgettable story collection, written from behind bars by former HDP leader Selahattin Demirtas, who won 8,4% of the votes at the presidential race in June 2018. 


Written by chef Tayfun Aras, famed for his Turkish restaurant Anatoli in Cape Town, South Africa, this cookbook is a great reference for Authentic Turkish Cuisine.

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Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine
Brand new way of creating a 500-year-old traditional coffee


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Tayfun Selen

Architect and realtor Selen is elected as the Mayor of New Jersey, following his 15 years of residence and service in the Chatham County.

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Seda Basay-Yildiz

The attorney of the infamous NSU trial received death threats from neo-Nazis for representing the families of Turkish victims.

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Mehmet Vefa Dag

Owner of Vefa Holdings, Dag is running for presidency. He is the leader of the South African National Democratic Movement (SANDM).

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Wealth advısor

As Director and Co-founder of Acacia Wealth Advisors, Lewis delivers sophisticated financial advice to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and executives.

California, USA
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Partner of world-famous fashion photographer duo Mert and Marcus, Alas is known for his work with Hollywood celebrities.

London, UK
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Idil Nuna Baydar

Berliner comedian Baydar received death threats from Neo-Nazis. She is known for her ‘Ghettolektuell’ show and anti-racist stance.

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Chef and owner of two restaurants, Efendy and Anason, Sivrioglu is the author of a highly-acclaimed cookbook "Anatolia".

Sydney, Australia
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Founding Director of two companies, Truede Ltd and Mistik Spa, Turudi is recognized for empowering women entrepreneurship.

London, UK
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The Journey

Turkish Airlines commercial at this year’s NFL Super Bowl was an intriguing 30-second snippet of a 6-minute adventure flick filmed by British director Ridley Scott, showcasing the beauty of Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines


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